Guest Information

Bent Tree Country Club is a member-owned private country club serving its members and their guests.

Guests are welcome in the company of their member host.

As a courtesy, guests may appreciate the following information prior to visiting the Club with their member host: Valet service is offered complimentary to members and their guests on a daily basis.
Please note that our Bent Tree Country Club employee team is very proud to serve our members and their guests. Tips will not be accepted.

  • Bent Tree Country Club Attire
    • Club Casual Dining Attire

      Casual attire including appropriate golf attire, tennis attire and denim are accepted.

      Member Event Attire

      Please check with your host to determine proper attire for the event you are attending.

      Golf Course Attire

      Proper golf attire is required for all players. Men and young men are required to wear shirts that have sleeves and collars. Mock-necks and turtlenecks are allowed. Tee shirts and tank tops are not allowed. Men’s shirts must be tucked in and hats must be worn in the forward traditional direction. Denim clothing, tennis shorts and short shorts are not considered acceptable. Women and young women are required to wear proper golfing attire such as golf trousers or bermuda shorts with appropriate length. Shirts with sleeves may be collarless. Shirts with no sleeves must have a collar or mock turtleneck. Turtlenecks are acceptable. Tube tops, halter tops, tank tops, midriff shirts, tee shirts and tennis attire are not allowed.

      Tennis Attire

      Proper tennis attire and shoes are required on the courts at all time.

  • Cell Phone Policy
    • As a courtesy to fellow members and in recognition of the fact that the Club is a place for relaxation, recreation and refreshment, the use of cell phones is prohibited in dining and fitness areas. We ask that all phones remain silent and that calls are handled in outdoor and non-dining areas. On the golf course, phones must remain silent and it is preferred that only emergency type calls are carried out while on the course.

  • Smoking Policy
    • The Club is a non-smoking facility with the exception that smoking is allowed in designated areas.

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